The Long Man Fall Fest October 13 , 2012 12 - 8 pm


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Lineup and Schedule:

12:00-12:30pm @ SIDESTAGE

12:40-1:20pm @ MAINSTAGE 

1:30-2:00pm @ SIDESTAGE 

2:10-2:50pm @ MAINSTAGE 

3:00-3:30pm @ SIDESTAGE 

3:40-4:20pm @ MAINSTAGE 

4:30-5:00pm @ SIDESTAGE 

5:10-5:50pm @ MAINSTAGE 

6:00-6:40pm @ SIDESTAGE 
***Martial Arts Demonstration

7:00-8:00pm @ MAINSTAGE 

Band Bio's:

Secret B-Sides

The Secret B-Sides have been known to produce "solid gold baby-making
music".  Harboring an affinity for old-school Funk with urban Gospel
roots, and adding flourishes of live-and-direct Hip-Hop easily makes
them WNC's "reigning kings of soul".  Not to be taken so seriously,
the Secret B-Sides are really all about flying saucers, dinosaurs, and love.

Pierce Edens

Pierce Edens is a songwriter at odd angles.  He likes to bang on old wooden boxes. He likes to break strings. He likes to stomp and howl out songs that tell his own story, and the stories handed down through the mountains. He is a songwriter steeped in the craft he grew up on... yet, Edens is an undeniably distinct voice at home in modern american music.

For more on Pierce (and the boys) check out his website!

Colorful, bright, and full of spirit, Common Foundation is a unique band of talented young musicians. Playing a blend of down tempo reggae, chugging Jamaican rocksteady, and upbeat ska, they fill the air with infectious danceable rhythms and an easygoing, groovy atmosphere. Soaring vocal harmonies and a four piece horn section add distinct flair to this up and coming band.

Jim Avett

The son of a Methodist preacher and a concert pianist, Jim Avett has been singing and playing guitar for most of his life. He’s done a lot of other things in the meantime – built a business as a welder in North Carolina, served in the Navy, raised three children with his wife – and now he returns to performing and recording. In 2008, Avett released his first album on Ramseur Records, “Jim Avett and Family,” a beautiful collection of gospel songs recorded with daughter Bonnie and sons Scott and Seth of The Avett Brothers. In 2010, he released “Tribes,” seven original songs that speak of love and loss.  And this year, he released "Second Chance."  When Avett performs, you feel like you’re sitting in a friend’s living room, telling stories and sharing a beer. His performance style is warm and relaxed, genuine and endearing

Skunk Ruckus

Skunk Ruckus, a three piece self described hillbilly gutrock band. Mr. Jim Daddy frails his banjo, stomps his bass drum and hollers. Autumn Owl is on uke, banjo and voice on loan from God. Our bottom end is held up by Maxxx on upright and electrical bass. This is a high energy group that is steeped in tradition but embraces a punk rock ethic. 
We have been featured in the WNC area at venues and festivals, toured with and opened for national touring bands (The Swaggering Growlers, Southern Culture On The Skids, Joe Buck, And The Saddle Tones to mention a few)


This south eastern power trio takes the Blues and paints outside the frame in a jammy, jazzy improvisational style born of their multiple influences. Justin Heath a long time writer and guitarist has worked out and employed many guitar styles and explored many kinds of music and instrumental technique's. A BMI registered song writer and ambitious guitar player who genuinely tries to connect with a soulful sound and delivery. Tommy Lance a well seasoned professional bass player is a driving force in their rhythm section while simultaneously helping form the melodic line. As well as filling in the bottom end with an inventive punchy accuracy seldom heard. The rhythm section is wrapped up nicely with the hypnotic drums and percussion back drop of Trinidad native River Dave. His rhythm is processed in a ritualistic style that rolls like the river itself.

The Judy Chops

Taking their name from Diamond Dave's signature "ninjy" move, The Judy Chops formed in late 2008. Long-time friends and members of the bands Heart Gets Monkey (Jess and Bill) and The Bourbon Specials (Molly,Sally and Bill) ,came together to play music that was fun, and to entertain. The band has since played virtually every bar/ venue/ diner in the Harrisonburg/ Staunton area, and is conquering Charlottesville, and beyond as we speak.


Shantavaani translates from Sanskrit as “Peace through music”. They naturally pull together from their eclectic backgrounds of East Indian raga, bhajans & Shabads, jazz, classical, Americana, blues, folk, reggae, and Ghanian. This convergence of musical traditions creates an original uplifting sound that  facilitates  more than simple entertainment but also enrichment for the soul.

John Wilkes Boothe & the Black Toothe

John Wilkes Boothe And The Black Toothe is an Apocalyptic Americana trio whose live performances are a frenetic whirlwind of high-energy, harmony-laden, offbeat acoustic awesomeness. With a songwriting and performances style that is completely their own, they deliver melodically lovely stories of love, death, and the occasional Walrus. Come get bitten by the Toothe.

Linda Mitchell & The Electric Cabaret

Linda Mitchell and the Electric Cabaret are a trio of veteran musicians playing a variety of music including originals, jazz standards and blues.  Aileen "Big Al" Pearlman keeps us jumping while thumpin' on her electric bass,   Kate Barber, a master of the flute jams on each song with excitement and great beauty, Linda plays the guitar and sings in that cigarettes and whiskey voice while her bandmates join her on angelic harmonies.  They swing, the rock and they croon


Saturday, October 13, 2012- 12 PM - 8 PM

Asheville Outdoor Center Festival Grounds, 521 Amboy Road, Asheville

Parking, 230 Hominy Creek Road, Asheville